New Orleans

November 3, 2015

I was extremely lucky to attend the AIGA Design Conference in New Orleans this year. The conference theme, “revival,” paralled with the Southern city since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city 10 years ago, but the intention and significance of the theme was more than that. I left feeling creative and curious, a feeling that I hadn’t felt since design school; a whole new perspective was revived within me.

The incredible identity, print and motion design for the conference by iamalwayshungry

One of the best takeaways of the conference was moderator Roman Mars of 99% Invisible who is now my ultimate design crush.

“The most basic and fundamental job of a designer is to solve problems.”

When I wasn’t in the conference listening to design leaders speak about being fearless, embracing the risky, and feeding curiosity, I was out and about feeding off the energy New Orleans had to offer. I always felt that I was a Southern belle in a past life because of my love for it (and fried chicken), plus I have reoccurring vivid memories of living in a Southern city. No doubt, every time I travel to the South, I am swept away in a romantic dream world. Time stops. Senses liven and heighten. It all becomes familiar. My favorite part of the city is the uniqueness and individuality. Around every corner in New Orleans is a new detail to be noticed, a sound to be heard, and let’s not forget the most important, all the food and spices shouting from the rooftop to be smelled and tasted. I was literally in sensory overload mode the entire time. Check out some of my photo highlights:

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Where to drink:
Carousel Bar
Napoleon House
The Sazerac Bar

Where to brunch:
Central Grocery and Deli
Cane and Table
The Court of Two Sisters
Cafe Du Monde
District Donuts

Where to dine:
Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Cochon Restaurant
Commander’s Palace
St. Roch Market

Where to jazz: Frenchmen Street

Where to stroll:
Garden District
St. Louis Cemetery

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