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March 2017


Colombian Ajiaco Soup

March 23, 2017


Ajiaco is a classic chicken and potato soup from the mountains around Bogotá. I had it several times living in the city, and it quickly became a staple in my diet. This soup is about as simple, delicious, and comforting as food gets.

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Bogotá pt. 2

March 3, 2017

The second half of my stay here in Bogotá was so much better than the first half. I feel that I grew emotionally and physically this month, and even though it was challenging at times, I became so much stronger because of it. It didn’t hurt either that it was packed with some of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. This journey is a constant reminder of how much natural beauty I get to experience in the world. On weekends in Bogotá, I was often finding myself getting out of the city and becoming engulfed by nature. I find it refreshing to switch off completely from the real world to recharge, especially since my brain is constantly stimulated with newness.

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