May 26, 2017

During the transition from Lima to Córdoba, I spent a week away from the Remote Year group in Santiago de Chile. Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile as well as one of the largest cities in the Americas. It’s a city I’ve only known for its earthquakes, being surrounded by the Andes mountains, and for the wine. After my visit, I realized that Santiago is so much more than that, it’s a city with a unique identity and dynamic cultural landscape. I stayed in the Bellas Arte neighborhood which is full of restaurants and cafés that make for perfect people watching. My coworking space was in Bellavista, one of the city’s busiest nightlife neighborhoods. The coworking space was brand new and had a beautiful autumnal atrium, perfect for a coffee break. It was also lovely to stroll the streets and public parks to check out the ombre foliage taking over the city.

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Here are more of my highlights from the week:

I love markets, so I walked through Mercado Central, the fish market, and La Vega, the fruit and vegetable market. I picked up some cheese, meat, veggies, and wine and headed to Parque Metropolitano for a picnic.

Once at Parque Metropolitano, I took the funicular up San Cristóbal Hill to watch the sunset. It was a perfect, clear day and it was one of the highlights from the week. The hill is the one with the Virgin Mary statue you can see from all over the city on top.

I went to the top of Gran Torre Santiago, a 64-story tall skyscraper in Santiago, Chile, the tallest building in Latin America for another spectacular sunset and view of the city.

I spent an afternoon perusing art at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Like many museums, the building itself was more interesting than the art.

My favorite restaurants were Bocanáriz and Restaurante Peumayen Ancestral Food. Bocanáriz had the best wine offerings and Peumayen had one of the best-tasting menus in a beautifully designed restaurant.

It would have been a visit to Santiago with a visit to Concha y Toro winery. The name of the winery is home to the famous Casillero del Diablo – Cellar of the Devil. I really loved the vineyards and the wine cellars. The tour did an excellent job detailing the history of the wine as well as the quality and the diversity it has.

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Another winery I visited was Cousiño Macul. I booked a bike tour and explored the vineyards via wheels. Seeing the vineyards over the sunset, driving around on my bike and watching the sun slowly setting down behind tall mountains, stopping from time to time to take a picture was a dream come true for me!




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