Colonia, Uruguay

June 26, 2017

Uruguay is South America’s best-kept secret, especially the quaint town of Colonia, just an hour ferry ride away from Buenos Aires. As BA can be loud and bustling, I craved an escape, only one hour away is the perfect getaway from city life. Colonia del Sacramento is a city in the southwest part of the country and is renowned for its historic quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a laid back vibe and buildings from the Portuguese era. You can get there in just under an hour on the ferry, and it’s not too expensive. I still needed to pass immigration and security, so I’m glad I arrived with plenty of time before departure.

First, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Charco overlooking the water. After meandering through the colorful streets filled with the most picturesque bougainvillea, we went to the Faro de Colonia del Sacramento. It is iconic to Colonia, and overlooks the ruins of the San Francisco Convent. It’s pretty impressive and was built in 1857. After that, I was excited to try some Uruguayan wine and relax in a cafe the rest of the day.

Photo/Kalina Kheirolomoom

The old town has a number of places to visit, but I enjoyed simply getting lost in the side streets, walking past old ruins, and Portuguese and Art Deco style buildings. Around each cobbled street corner, you’ll find hidden cafes, local restaurants, and the best light.

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