October 11, 2017

During month 8 of Remote Year, I divided my time between Dubrovnik and Budapest instead of opting into Belgrade, Serbia on the original RY itinerary. I had to head back to LA for onsite meetings so I wanted to make the most of my remaining time in Eastern Europe and visit bucket list locations. Dubrovnik has been a well-known destination for a while, but due to its fame as the Kings Landing location for HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, it is attracting so many tourists each year. And for good reason, because besides the GOT hype, it is a beautiful walled, orange-roofed old city perched above the Adriatic’s turquoise sea water, and filled with ancient architecture.

When I first visited the old city of Dubrovnik on a summer day, I was instantly overwhelmed by just how clogged the streets were with shuffling groups being led by umbrella-hoisting guides and people arriving through the port from various cruises. The Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik are almost 2,000 meters long, and will take about an hour or so to walk through – I recommend doing it to see the city from above. I got there right when they opened to avoid heat exhaustion and the intense crowds.

My favorite day trip from Dubrovnik is the quaint resort town of Cavtat. Swimming in those clear waters is one of my favorite memories from Croatia. We also had a private charter boat that took us beach hopping one afternoon. There is nothing better than a sunset on the sea!

To find some quiet solitude, I loved the morning I spent kayaking around the Old City.

I recommend Hotel Excelsior or Grand Villa Argentina to stay because they have the most beautiful pool and ocean access combo.

For eating, my favorite meals were Bota Sare, BarbaPantarulBugenvila in Cavtat, Taj Mahal, and Cogito Coffee Shop.

Overall, Dubrovnik is breathtaking, but probably not a place I would return. I hope the small town tries to limit some of the tourism in the future to make it a little more navigatable, otherwise, I recommend finding some smaller Croatian island towns to explore.

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