April 4, 2018

During my month stay in Kuala Lumpur, I went to a writer’s retreat in Bali, and loved it so much that I didn’t get on my return flight and stayed an extra week. Bali is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. I left Bali a different person as I was changed by the healing environment and its positive energy in only a short few weeks. 

This post and my reflections on my time in Bali took me a long time to write. As I mentioned, I originally had joined an organized writer’s retreat week with a group of talented and lovely friends at a gorgeous villa in Canggu. I started this blog to become a better writer and thought it would be beneficial to surround myself with those that did it for a living. It was one of the reasons that led me to Remote Year – to surround myself with talented people that believed in each other’s dreams. Little did I know then that this retreat would be less about writing and more about healing.

Before the retreat, I found out some news that left me heartbroken. In turn, I took my time in Bali to experience the grief and heal.

While in Bali, I went to yoga at The Yoga Barn and Samadi Bali for release and relaxation. This island paradise is one of my absolute favorite destinations for its vibrant culture, delicious food, unreal sunsets and of course, its beaches. One of the best things about Bali is despite being fairly small, it has something for everyone. 

I visited many temples and ate nourishing organic food. After being in Bali with loving and supporting friends and doing a lot of yoga and therapy during those weeks, it made me realized that I deserve only the best. Whether you want waterfalls, rice fields, volcanos, beaches, jungles, monkeys, surfing, shopping, snorkeling with manta rays, or just relaxing on a bean bag in the sand with a piña colada in hand, Bali is your paradise.

I am grateful for my experiences in both Canggu and Ubud and I look forward to the day where I can go back to Bali and feel the power and strength that the beautiful country provided me when I needed it most. I hope I visit again with someone that loved me dearly and fully, even if that person happens to be myself.

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