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April 2016


One-Piece Swimsuits

April 26, 2016

I have been loving all the unique cuts, patterns, and effort that designers have been putting into their one-piece collections lately. I personally find them more sophisticated and stylish than your typical bikini. Hello, more coverage does not mean less sexy when it comes to swimwear! Show off and look great at the beach or poolside in Palm Springs this summer with these spicy one-pieces:

  1. Carena West: Olivia Lace-Up One-Piece Poinsettia 
  2. Beach Riot: Catalina One-Piece
  3. House of Tomorrow: Pele Strappy V-Neck One-Piece
  4. Agua De Coco by Liana Thomaz: One-Shoulder Maillot
  5. Proenza Schouler: Splash Multi-Print Plunge-Neck One-Piece

Blueberry Lemon Dutch Pancake

April 25, 2016

This dutch pancake recipe is tender and almost crepe-like with a delicate, buttery flavor that melts on your tongue. I don’t think it even needs any honey or syrup because the lemon and blueberry flavors are so lovely together. It is simple to make and definitely a show stopper at the brunch table!

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Yoga Essentials

April 5, 2016

In 2013, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It was one of the most growth-filled, healing, and positive experiences of my life. Not to mention, emotionally and physically difficult as well. During that time I was able to learn so much about myself. Not only did I study the origins and philosophy of yoga as well as develop a better understanding of human physiology, I was able to awaken my heart, embody my mind, and transform from the inside out. Even though I am not teaching at this time, I still incorporate yoga into my everyday life from the physical practice to simple breathing exercises. I received my training in Ashtanga Yoga, but I recommend practicing all types of yoga from Kundalini to Iyengar to Hatha. Each practice brings something different to the table which is so important because to me, yoga is about going outside of your comfort zone and having new experiences in order to make changes. Here are some of my favorite yoga essentials:

  1. Manduka: Pro Yoga Mat
  2. Kafu: Meditation Cushion
  3. B. K. S. Iyengar: Light on Yoga
  4. Kooshoo: Enso Classic Headband
  5. Deep Relief: Essential Oil Roll On

Honey Lavender Granola

April 4, 2016

It’s finally spring here in Los Angeles! Everything is in bloom and there are vendors with buckets of flowers back at the farmers markets. Over the weekend, I was inspired by the bunches of fresh lavender I saw and picked one up thinking it would be delicious in homemade granola. The addition of lavender really enhances the granola by giving it a light and floral flavor and a wonderful indigo appearance. It takes no time at all putting it together because you simply pour the ingredients in a bowl, mix and bake. Not to mention, my apartment currently smells delightful after baking a batch!


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