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December 2016


Remote Year

December 31, 2016

Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. With that being said, I am beyond excited to head out in 2017 with Remote Year Meraki spending each month traveling to and living in 12 different cities, within 10 countries, spanning 3 continents. An enormous thank you to my boss and coworkers for their support of me telecommuting for the next year!

Remote Year is a start-up that organizes groups of 75 professionals to travel and work in 12 cities for 12 months. Founded two years ago, Remote Year adds community and infrastructure to “digital nomadism,” a growing trend among millennials who work from their laptops in foreign locations.

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Fish Tacos

December 30, 2016

Chrissy Teigen’s Skillet-Charred Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are my favorite! And these from Chrissy Teigen’s new #CravingsCookbook did NOT disappoint. I love the spices and fresh vegetables. Plus these are super easy to assemble and devour. I made homemade tortillas and paired them with Mich’s Margs which completely made everything so much more enjoyable.

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