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July 2017


Buenos Aires

July 31, 2017

Month 6 of Remote Year has brought me to Buenos Aires, the capital and most populous city of Argentina. BA is amazing and frustrating all at once. You will find European architecture, fine dining, world-renowned nightlife, and a big emphasis on art and music of all forms. You will also find a ridiculous inflation rate, empty ATM’s, and sidewalks plastered with dog sh*t. Often called “Paris of South America” it seems more of a mixture of Berlin with Paris and then mixed with Madrid. After not loving really loving my first month in Córdoba, I felt much better my second month living in Argentina because Buenos Aires is a city that is full of life! I spent most of my time savoring the local food culture, exploring speakeasies and secret dinner clubs, soaking in street art, and sipping on Malbec all while mastering the two-hour lunch. I lived for the month in Palermo Soho. The barrio was very trendy, with bars, restaurants, and shops at all the doors. There are so many cafes with terraces where you can just sit and observe local culture and Porteños. Since we arrived in June, it was technically their winter but had the atmosphere of autumn. The trees canopied over the streets and shops in blankets of gold making it an idyllic setting.

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