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May 22, 2017

Month 4 of Remote Year has brought me back to the Pacific to live and work in Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima was a city that had never been on my radar, but believe me, it should be added to your bucket list. Comprising 43 districts with nearly 9 million residents, Lima is a city of contrasts, with modern seaside neighborhoods nestled up against gritty shanties that cling to desolate hillsides. I spent most my time hanging out in Lima’s artsy Barranco and surfing the waves in Miraflores. I didn’t fully get a sense of the culture because I went on several side trips throughout my stay but hope to return in the future to dig a little deeper. Overall, the area I visited most in Lima had a west coast vibe with a mix of high-brow Santa Monica and grimy Venice, and the atmosphere was relaxed like San Diego. It reminded me how much I love to live on the coast and have access to the ocean whenever I desire. When I was there I ate ceviche and drank pisco sours all while basking in the sunshine making it one of the best months so far. Lima was also a central hub for getaways to Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley; the Amazon; Lake Titicaca; and the amazing sand-dune oasis at Huacachina.

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